Enthousiastic, Eco friendly student, 26 y.o. looking for a home
Ideal location
Nijmegen, max 20 min cycling distance from Radboud uni.
Ideal space
Hi there, my name if Floor and I'm looking for a place to live while studying. I've got about 300 Euro's a month to spend on rent and am looking for a place that is at least 25m2, this because of my hobbies, pet and schoolwork. Owner of a kitten (he's a real mouse hunter so you'll never have to worry about mice problems when he's around) therefore aiming for a cat friendly space.
Ideal group
My ideal group doesn't have strict criteria. Would be nice to eat together sometimes or have a good conversation once in a while. But I wouldn't mind if that's not the case.
Describe yourself
Starting a course at the Han this september; Life science, so will hopefully be quite busy during day-time hours but will be present a lot because of the current crisis. I am an energetic, creative, friendly, easy going but also serious person.That's always open for a conversation if one would need a good talk or to help. Striving to live as environmental friendly as possible, Loves to cook and doesn't mind doing chores or gardening tasks. I enjoy interesting, deep conversations or a game accompanied by some beers/tea and good (mainly vega/vegan)food. Having a wide variety of interests and hobbies, here are some; herbalism, food forests, philosophy, science, being in nature, painting, screen-printing, reading, dance, cooking/baking, music, road tripping, decor-building. Also volunteer at doornroosje. As stated previously, owner of a kitten. In regard to my experiences with co-living situations. Lived in a student house for half a year, followed by a co-living space with some friends, squatting (the neat, organised, politically aimed type) and am now a private property protector. (Building is being sold thus ending my current contract.) Can provide reviews or pictures regarding my current and previous living spaces. Cheers and maybe till soon!
Contact information
You can reach me via: This site Or by telephone: 0630834737
Placed at
July 27, 2020, 2:11 p.m.
Oct. 25, 2020, 2:11 p.m.
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F Houkes
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