Adventurous actor is looking for a place to come home, Amsterdam (or Utrecht)
Amsterdam (of Utrecht)
Ideal location
Because my working area is mainly located in the center of Amsterdam, I would like to live near here. I love nature and I like cycling a lot. So outside the city is absolutely no problem. Nature or a good place to swim in the area is always nice! I also think Utrecht is a very nice city, my first preference is Amsterdam, but Utrecht is certainly an option too!
Ideal space
I like to think big but with my budget and the city where I would like to live, this is not really possible. The most important is that I find a place where I can come home. A place where I can let off steam, slow down and laugh. A place where I can invite people, where exchange takes place. Cozy, homely, I like plants, kitchen / bathroom shared or for myself it doesn't matter. At the moment I live in a small student flat and I especially long for space, light and a bit more outdoor / free living.
Ideal group
I like to have people around me. Because I work project based, my weekly schedule can differ greatly. I really enjoy eating together or doing al kind of stuff, but I can't always promise to be there! But I can plan well so that will probably work out fine. I hope for a living group with many inspiring people. Being able to learn from the different people I live with. Seems nice to be able to learn something different from everyone. And of course also be able to teach different people something!
Describe yourself
I am Niels van Heijningen, 21 years old at the moment in my graduation year of the Mime (a study program at the Amsterdam School of the Arts). The content of this training is a mystery to many people. I don't spend all day pretending to be in an invisible box. Not at all. It is a four-year course to become a physical actor / director. I have many exercise classes such as Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Dance, Yoga, Acrobatics and so on. I also create shows and performances myself. This passion is a big part of my life. In addition, I really enjoy doing sports, working with plants, teaching, photography, going on an adventure (traveling if possible), cooking. I would describe myself as an inventive, enthusiastic, social young man who likes to listen and to tackle things. Wauw a lot of words. But much more fun to get to know each other! Do you have anything close to my interests? Let me know!
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Oct. 17, 2020, 12:46 p.m.
Jan. 15, 2021, 12:46 p.m.
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