Shared-House in RHENEN: Holistic Economy + We create (art), live, play, work, learn, research together + Training and entrepreneurial projects combined with research, innovation, SDG's and a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
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Matrix-Q Shared House -Rhenen
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for rent
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Includes : Private Room + Shared space + Monthly Training Program + Coaching / Mentorship. ( A deposit is request on top of the monthly fees)
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Rhenen City. 100mts from the Grebbeberg Hill 50 mts ovs. 400 Mts from the BlueChamber nature reserve; Archaeological Nordic site of over 4.000 years old; The Cunera Church Tower At the Rhine river; Direct train to Amsterdam & Utrecht; close from the N225, N233, A12 & A15 Highways || THE HOUSE: At the river bank, of Rhenen city 300 mts walk to train station Just 100 mts. from our home-door, the Grebbeberg lake, forest, hiking and biking paths; Family friendly and quiet neighbourhood 10 min bike from the BlueChamber nature reserve.
Common space(s)
We will have a shared kitchen, living area and garden all focused on sustainable and circular living. We are keeping the space as simple and open as possible for our own gatherings, workshops and training (e.g. yoga, dance, theatre, breath-work, art, etc). The garden will become a place to grow some nourishing food for ourselves, and naturally the kitchen is where the flavour alchemy takes place. We share also a garden (backyard), front yard, bath, kitchen+living room (5,40x9,00 mts), toilet, storage. In the backyard we will have a greenhouse and crops growing. The whole house dimension is 120,0 mts2
Private spaces(s)
Three private rooms and one open-room (no doors) used for sleeping (attic) (size: 2,775x4,54 mts + 4,28x3,11 mts + 2,90x3,11 mts + 5,15x5,15 mts).
Description coliving group
WORKING-LIVING-RESEARCHING+LEARNING TOGETHER space. A Shared holistic economy model. ----> THE EXPERIENCE: *** 1.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join the Matrix-Q Akademia and receive training in sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, life work balance. Aiming to give you certificates and licenses as consultant, trainer-coach (the training program takes 2 years, paid, monthly flat rate). *** 2.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join the Matrix-Q Team, to work-together, and contribute with 3 start-ups, franchise projects, and online digital projects (smart applications, e-learning). *** 3.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join a research project. -----> SHARED-HOUSE PROJECTS: a.) Performing arts production for SDG's. b.) Work-Life Balance & Happiness at work services c.) Sustainability, Circularity & strategic holistic management consultancy d.) e-Learning production, smart applications. f.) other projects to create a positive impact in the location. ---> COMMITMENT: 2 years, training, research and working activities scheduled daily, 50%+, plus online working-activities, online community. ---> OTHER: we do not smoke, we do not practice any form of drugs consumption. -----> OUR STORY: The future is filled with opportunities. Creative, innovative entrepreneurial mindsets with capacity to create a positive impact will re-shape the industry, society, economy and culture. Are you one of those change makers? We challenge entrepreneurs (in mind-set or in experience) to engage into sustainability practices and create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies. The Matrix-Q House will bring your creative-mindset and holistic living lifestyle to the next level, as entrepreneur, with impact-investor mindset, leader, innovator. With a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, we help you create more entrepreneurial impact, we provide you complete training, coaching & mentorship. Team members of the Matrix-Q House will use their creativity and lifestyle to build a passive income, create income streams. ---> LIFESTYLE Work-life balance, Art and creative expression will be central to our daily life, as well as consultancy for sustainability and development of content for e-learning programs. We ask you to reserve a part of your week to engage in our project and practises.
Current composition
2 adults. 1xMan (48), 1xWoman (27), no pets, no children. We would like 2 more adults (singles) or one couple + 1xadult, to join us. Gender-diverse and inclusive community.
Ideal resident
Creative; Experimental; Self-sustained (Have a job part time, or income source to sustain yourself); Wants to leave a positive impact on the planet and its people; Aware of and aligned with SDGs; Interested in becoming an active part of this project; Open to receive training on many levels; Willing to invest part of their time in co-creating and connecting with the community at the house, online. Ready to join an international team.
Contact information
circular@matrix-q.solutions Whatsapp: +31.626673380
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Jan. 9, 2021, 6:56 p.m.
April 9, 2021, 6:56 p.m.
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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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