Woongroep Rhenen (Utrecht) Holistic-Lifestyle and Impact-Entrepreneurs
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for rent
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Woongroep Rhenen (Utrecht) with space for 4+
RENT: monthly fees for a private room and shared-house space, from 500,00 EUR+ / month.
A deposit will be requested for few months in advanced.
Includes holistic-lifestyle activities, trainings, only for house-mates.
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We are currently only two 2 men. We have no pets, have no children, and are single. Entrepreneurs, self-employed, dedicated to sustainability, SDG's, circularity and capacity building (Coaching, training), real estate and innovation (R&D)
We are aiming for a gender diverse community, inclusive.
We carry a nature inspired and holistic lifestyle Spend 3-4 days walks in the close forest (forest bathing) and weekly visit the natural reserve, and river 10 min walk/bike from the house. In summer we swim in the lake 5-10 min walk distance. Each of us have own daily activities. We intent to share also lifestyle activities like we practice yoga, conscious breathing, meditative performing arts, meditative fitness and brain gym, and other sports outdoors. We are coach-trainers, social entrepreneurs, real-estate entrepreneurs and innovators. We do not consume alcohol, any form of drugs, intent to reduce sugar to the minimum, we do not smoke. We aim for a collaborative space, with a co-creative mindset and inspiring encouragement for each of us projects, supporting each other by standing together in our own work-life balance and holistic lifestyle. We have individual schedules for work and lifestyle activities, yet we intent to schedule together days and hours for sharing meals and build up a community feeling, and collaboration (exchange). Our new members will enjoy from introduction to our hobbies, lifestyle activities. We work remotely (online). The lifestyle activities, are scheduled, and not mandatory. As in-house workshops are included in the rent fees. No additional fees will be charged.
We are building an ONLINE COMMUNITY first, to get to know each other and share training, lifestyle and projects. We intent to run more than one house project with the same system for community building, holistic lifestyle and social-entrepreneurship
Contact information
Contact LUIS by e-mail to house@matrix-q.solutions Telf. Whatsapp 0626673380. or use the url above to schedule an online meeting. Let's meet together online in zoom or phonecall for more details. We have prepared an online presentation, powerpoint, combined with a zoom call, for those interested with pictures and more details, and previous experience, research on community living and building (1993-2021) For this project we do not have a website yet. After the phonecall, we schedule normally meet once, along a walk in nature, in Rhenen.
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March 14, 2021, 4:06 p.m.
June 12, 2021, 4:06 p.m.
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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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