The Grote Broek is looking for a new housemate!
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for rent
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The rent is differs and is based on your income. It will be somewhere between 270-470eu/month.
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In the city center. 5 minute walk from the Ooij nature area. above the Klinker and the Onderbroek.
Common space(s)
We share a spacious roof terrace, a cosy living room, tool shed and the upstairs space with another living group. Downstairs is the Klinker (political café) and in the basement the Onderbroek (party venue).
Private spaces(s)
The room is quite spacious on the first floor with a build in bunk bed.
Description coliving group
De grote broek is looking for a new housemate!

The Grote Broek is a legalized squat/social space in the city center of Nijmegen that hosts a variety of collectives. There are also two living groups upstairs and in one of them we’re looking for a new person.

The Grote Broek hosts a variety of collectives: from the vegan café the Klinker, the Onderbroek – a venue – and some small local charities that help illegalized people, cultural archive, environmental activism or a food coop.
Current composition
We’re a living group of 7, all pursuing our own dreams in a variety of ways and share our happiness and struggles of these during the shared dinners. All of us help in some way in the Grote Broek as well, to best of our abilities and time constraints. We share a cozy living room, a nice roof terrace and all have quite spacious private rooms. Unfortunately the house is not wheelchair accessible because of a lot of stairs, nor suitable for children. We take turns in cooking vegan once a week for the housemates and try to make it to shared dinners, but nothing is obligatory. We function in a collective way; we have regular house meetings with the rest of the inhabitants and with the rest of the Grote Broek. We are a safe(r), queer friendly, anti-racist space and are open for learning and un-learning unwanted behavior.
Ideal resident
We’re looking for a housemate who is comfortable living in such a share space, who likes to eat (or bake!) amazing vegan cakes talking about everyone’s day but is also in for deeper reflections on the society. Experience in a form of activism would also be appreciated, since we’re do share a set of common values in the Grote Broek. Moreover, we want to keep the Grote Broek diverse therefore we encourage minorities to apply.
Contact information
You can e-mail us at hetvoorkantje@gmail.com
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July 18, 2021, 7:33 p.m.
Oct. 16, 2021, 7:33 p.m.
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