Co-living Co-Working space (HOUSE) - Sustainable living
For rent or for sale
for rent
Location indication
Region of Utrecht and Gelderland ( Rhenen, Wageningen, Veenendaal area)
We are looking for a place close to Rhenen, or also in a farm land, in nature
If there is a place in the city, with the conditions to host many members we would be interested as well
Indication number of residents
Indication group composition
Members are all entrepreneurs, with a stable income, and budget for a deposit of at least 6 months or 1 year in advance of rent fees
We host only entrepreneurs dedicated or engaged directly or indirectly in sustainable living projects
Activities may involve R&D Innovation, technology, media, circularity, new materials, SDGs, IDGs, self-sufficient, energy, food and economy transition, consulting, education or similar
It is also a gender identity diversity inclusion space.
We welcome both men and women.

Holistic living. We host weekly and daily activities for house members like conscious breathing, performing arts, yoga, martial arts, forest bathing, personal growth, courses, ( voluntary attendance) as leadership and work-life balance program
We spend a lot of time in nature
We create a demo center for sustainable living and self sufficiency in our own house, to share insights and inspiration to neighbors and cities around us
We also provide training to guests
We welcome members online that would like to create similar projects in other locations, for them to learn our methodology and tools
Please visit our website
The first steps for us are to build an online community interested to join this format of coliving coworking spaces.
Explore activities together and verify we are a match for living together
We aim to create various coliving spaces with the same concept and knowledge in Europe
Once a community has been build online, we will proceed to find and rent a space
After some time we will purchase a house or land too, as final step
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Oct. 16, 2022, 9:22 a.m.
Jan. 14, 2023, 9:22 a.m.
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LD Maldonado Fonken
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