Matrix-Q Shared-House / Village Project
Huur of koop
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Rhenen, 200 mts from a natural reserve, 100 mts from hr River Rhein and a small lake
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Adults, entrepreneurs, joining a team, on-boarding house school (we provide remote training together, and also at location, in nature)
You want a job and a new career this is your opportunity
The future is filled with opportunities
Creative, innovative entrepenerial mindsets with capacity to create a positive impact will re-shape the industry, society, economy and culture
Are you one of those change makers?
Already-entrepreneurs (in-mind-set or in-experience) are challenged today to engage into sustainability practices and create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
The Matrix-Q House will bring your creative-mindset and holistic living lifestyle to the next level, as entrepreneur, impact investor, leader, innovator or consultant
With a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, we help you create more entrepreneurial impact
Team members of the Matrix-Q House will use their creativity and lifestyle to build a passive income, create income streams and become eligible to join our community of innovation-driven, impact-driven entrepreneurs, start-ups, franchise projects, associated-consultants pool, innovators and leaders. (learn more about the benefits team members)
We plan the first pilot for 2021, following house project and village competition in the next years
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Interested, Q&A please join our webinar every Wednesday https://www.tickettailor.com/events/matrixqsolutions/467925 Or visit our home page https://matrix-q.solutions/mqakademia/matrix-q-house Join our meetup group https://www.meetup.com/matrix-q-community/ Or schedule a Q&A session with our founder https://calendly.com/matrix-q-solutions/15min-session We welcome your questions and self-introduction by email: circular@matrix-q.solutions Please contact me by WhatsApp for easy coordination and phonecall interviews. +31.626673380
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3 februari 2021 15:20
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4 mei 2021 15:20
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