Looking for a nice community in South Holland
Den Hague
Wensen ligging
close to Leiden (as I study there it should be easily reachable)
Wensen groep
My ideal group is open-minded and enjoys spending time togehter, but also respects the space and privacy of each person.
It would be nice to cook and eat together, laugh and talk with each other and support each other.
For me living together also means sharing, for example to share some household items or food. :)
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Hello everyone,

I am Nicole, 27, originally from Austria and I just moved to the Netherlands to study "Moral and Political Philosophy" at Leiden University.

I previously studied French, Psychology and Philosophy to be a high school teacher in Austria and then worked for a couple of months in an international school in Berlin.

I would describe myself as calm, open-minded, curious and flexible. I like both: living in a community and spending time with people, but also to have time for myself to meditate, read etc.
I like to do yoga and meditation. I would be interested to join a spiritual community to practice together, but this is not a must. :)

I am a good cook! :) I eat vegetarian food, but I'd be also totally okay to live in a vegan household.

I've lived in different communities before in Austria, Germany, Morocco, France. So I am used to live with different people from all over the world.

I am looking for good vibes, some inspiring people around me, community-spirit.

I am happy to hear from you!!
Contact informatie

0043 67762581666

fb: Nicole Maria Prosser
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14 februari 2021 09:35
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15 mei 2021 09:35
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Nicole Prosser
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