Shared-House (9 projects in NL, 27 Projects in EU): Holistic Economy + We create (art), live, play, work, learn, research together + Training and entrepreneurial projects (start-ups) combined with research, innovation, SDG's and a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
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PILOT PROJECT 2021-2022: CITY OF RHENEN: Grebbeberg Hill 50 mts ovs. 400 Mts from the BlueChamber nature reserve; Archaeological Nordic site of over 4.000 years old; The Cunera Church Tower At the Rhine river; Direct train to Amsterdam & Utrecht; N225, N233, A12 & A15 Highways -----> THE HOUSE: At the river bank, of Rhenen city 300 mts walk to train station Just 100 mts. from our home-door, the Grebbeberg lake, forest, hiking and biking paths; Family friendly and quiet neighbourhood 10 min bike from the BlueChamber nature reserve. ---- > after this pilot project we will create houses in other locations. You can join us online to prepare yourself in advanced. -----> OTHER PROJECTS: We will apply the same method/system in another 9 houses/locations in The Netherlands and intent to develop about 27 shared-house projects in Europe, for 2030, and a following number of similar projects internationally overseas. The pilot project location is Rhenen, in the region of Utrecht, planned for 2021-2022..-----> ONLINE SHARED-HOUSE PROJECT SCHOOL: We have created an online community and capacity building platform, for future house members. You can join now, participate in the pilot project/community experience from home, receive online training, and get ready to lead or join a team your own shared-house project in a close future.
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----- > HOW MANY COMMUNITY MEMBERS? Each house team will be build with 4 up to 9 team members living and working together at the house (vary depending on space and projects). As a training to join the house is mandatory, everyone is welcome to attend the training online already and join the online community. We aim to welcome and provide training to a first group of 81 project members including our online community. To later welcome more for the extended project. ------> ONLINE COMMUNITY + MATCHING SYSTEM: The online community is a wonderful space to learn to share space, duties, projects and experience the project already, also find people to join an match for the same team. As a member of the online community you share the day activities of the pilot project, receive training and also participate from the entrepreneurial projects online (remotely) as team member. -----> ABOUT THE HOUSE MEMBERS : from 24+ years old, gender diverse and inclusive, no children, no pets, no drugs consumption. --- > Creative; Experimental; Self-sustained (Have a job part time, or income source to sustain yourself); Wants to leave a positive impact on the planet and its people; Aware of and aligned with SDGs; Interested in becoming an active part of this project; Open to receive training on many levels; Willing to invest part of their time in co-creating and connecting with the community at the house, online. Ready to join an international team. Entrepreneurial mindset, you will join a company team ----- > THE TEAMS: We plan to start more than one house within the next 3 years. 3 teams are being created for each house: a.) Team members that live in the house, b) team members that work and create in the house, spend days together at the house, but do not live there and c.) online team, supporting and training, joining the house project activities and projects remotely, are also active members of the house project. Also attend daily house activities. We will keep connected and in collaboration through the internet. All team members, in all houses work together in the same Matrix-Q Companies. -----> SHARED-HOUSE LEADS: From these teams in the pilot project (online and in Rhenen) a number of trained shared-house-leaders will be trained & selected to start other shared-house projects at new locations in The Netherlands, Europe and overseas.--
WORKING-LIVING-RESEARCHING+LEARNING TOGETHER space. A Shared economy model. Circular (doughnut) economy. Holistic economy. Minimalist (intentional purpose), Holistic Work-Life balance and happiness at work Lifestyle. Nature-inspired. ----> LISTEN TO A 2 HOURS PODCAST AND WEBPAGE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: *** 1.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join the Matrix-Q Akademia and receive training in sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, life work balance and a number of solutions and projects. Aiming to give you certificates and licenses as consultant, trainer-coach (the training program takes 2 years, paid, monthly flat rate, you earn certificates within 12 weeks, and immediately can start earning and income). *** 2.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join the Matrix-Q Team, to work-together, and contribute with 12+ start-ups, franchise projects, and online digital projects (smart applications, e-learning) a a team member. *** 3.) When you join the house project to live together, you also join a research project. (Matrix-Q Research Institute)---> OTHER: we do not smoke, we do not practice any form of drugs consumption -----> OUR STORY: The future is filled with opportunities. Creative, innovative entrepreneurial mindsets with capacity to create a positive impact will re-shape the industry, society, economy and culture. We start local and also online. We impact globally. Are you one of those change makers? We challenge entrepreneurs (in mind-set or in experience) to engage into sustainability practices and create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies. The Matrix-Q House will bring your creative-mindset and holistic living lifestyle to the next level. With a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, we help you create more entrepreneurial impact at scale. We provide for your journey as team member and future coach-trainer and consultant, innovator and entrepreneur a complete training, including coaching & mentorship. -----> PASSIVE INCOME : Team members of the Matrix-Q House will use their creativity and lifestyle to build a passive income, create income streams, while generating a positive impact in the world and their location. All team members may also, if they want, receive shares and own creativity and innovation in the company projects in a close future (eligibility conditions apply, please contact us for details) ---> LIFESTYLE Work-life balance, creative self-expression expression, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, SDG's and sustainability, circularity and minimalism (intentional purpose) will be central to our daily life, as well as consultancy for sustainability and development of content for e-learning programs. We ask you to reserve a part of your week to engage in our project and practises. ----> NATURE INSPIRED: We aim for locations surrounded and close to nature, we spend together weekly time in nature (Forest bathing, shirin yo-ku), learn in nature (Nature principles, systems, laws, rhythms), create together with nature (Nature-inspired innovation, capacity building) and facilitate courses and activities in nature.
Our ecosystem of (remote) companies including a research institute, akademia, and start-ups (innovation-hub) is hosting the shared-house project for new team members that want to live, work, create, research, learn together. THE PROJECT (WEBINAR). You may attend a webinar to get to know us and learn more about the project. The project has already a complete design, road map, plan ----- > HOW MANY HOUSE PROJECTS: We plan to start more than one house. 9. shared houses in The Netherlands, 27 shared houses in Europe and more overseas. The pilot project 2021-2022 in Rhenen, Utrecht region, the Netherlands ---> THE TEAMS (ONLINE REMOTE & AT THE HOUSE) : 3 teams are being created: a.) Teams that live in the house, b) teams that work and create in the house but do not live there and c.) online team, supporting and training. From these teams in the pilot project (online and in Rhenen) a number of trained shared-house-leaders will be trained & selected to start other shared-house projects at new locations. We will keep connected and in collaboration through the internet. All team members, in all houses work together in the same Matrix-Q Companies (Online businesses, remote working). -----> SHARED-HOUSE PROJECTS: You also get a job and opportunity to join one or more projects (teams) a.) Performing arts production for SDG's. b.) Work-Life Balance & Happiness at work services c.) Sustainability, Circularity & strategic holistic management consultancy d.) e-Learning production, smart applications. f.) other projects to create a positive impact in the location g) Research Innovation Projects h.) start-ups, akademia online, consultancy, R&D innovation projects. ---> COMMITMENT: starts with 2 years, training, research and working activities scheduled daily, 50%+, plus online working-activities, online community. -----> TRIAL: You may join a trial experience of 3 weeks to 12 weeks to explore and join the rhythms and activities, trainings of the house weekly, remotely from your own current house . ---> INCOME: By joining the shared house project you also enable income streams and passive income.
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circular@matrix-q.solutions Whatsapp: +31.626673380 https://www.linkedin.com/company/matrix-q-house/ https://twitter.com/mqhouse https://www.facebook.com/mqhouse900 PODCAST https://soundcloud.com/gte-quantum/sets/the-matrix-q-house-project-19
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