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Larksmeadow L146
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for rent
Rent or purchase amount
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250 per month, including bills & Internet (this is an estimate). Landlord is de Woningstichting.
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Community housing project
We live as part of a community project called “Centraal Wonen Het Punt” which consists of 46 houses. Our apartment is one of 3 woongroepen within Centraal Wonen. Our neighbours are a broad variety of families and individuals of all ages. We aim to build a tightly knit community who help each other out when necessary, we maintain our common garden, plan parties (at least before Corona), have dinner events, work out and dance together. The neighbourhood also has a sauna, two commonly used guestrooms for visitors and a central building with a big dance floor, kitchen etc. To organise all of this, we have several committees to take over responsibilities for different aspects of our project, e.g. gardening committee. Taking part in a committee is appreciated when you live in our community.
Our house is conveniently located halfway between the city centre and the university. Supermarkets and public transport are close by.
Common space(s)
The house has a big balcony, a big living room/kitchen, a laundry room, a toilet and a shower.
Private spaces(s)
Room size: about 15 m2, located under the roof
Description coliving group
We are a merry household comprising 3 human beings, multiple plants and the occasional pigeon on the balcony (Fat Tony). As one of us is planning to leave soon we've begun our search for a new housemate. We are all working and our age ranges from 26 - 32.

The house dynamics are quite organic. We eat together multiple times a week, usually on a spontaneous base and enjoy spending time in insightful conversations (or silly ones), playing board games, having a drink and making plans for the house. We also enjoy listening to good music (of diverse genres) and improvise a good dance from time to time. Making music is also appreciated, although it is not done very often.

We try to create a comfortable balance between common and private, which allows for sharing as well as personal preferences. We share quite a few food items, usually the staples, which we buy in bulk through the Bioclub bulk-buy initiative. Still, everyone has his own private cupboard space to accommodate for his/her own food.

We like to live in a space that feels warm and welcoming, and we value open communication and respect for each other and for our differences. It is important to us that as housemates we can support each other and take action in maintaining and improving our living space.

Some practicalities:
- We like a clean house, but we're not anal about it.
- We like to live sustainably but are very pragmatic about it.
- We like to share a drink and our food, but we're not party people.
- We like eating well, but are not strictly vegetarian/vegan (we cook vegetarian predominantly tho)
- We like to be considerate of each other and appreciate open, clear communication.

Some project ideas on our side:
- Improve the balcony garden.
- (creatively?) Paint the walls
- Improve on the homey-feel of our interior.
Current composition
1. Tim is a 32-year-old Dutchman, currently working as a manager/coach at Starthub. Part handyman, part nerd; he blends perfectly into laser-cutting wizardry. All-in-all, he’s a lovely human with a big heart and a caring disposition, sharing many moments of fun and laughter with equally deep and meaningful conversations.
2. Linda is a 26-year-old Dutch- and English-speaking Italian woman that works on agriculture/development project in African countries. She loves tending to our many plants, dancing like nobody is watching, singing in the shower (and many other places around the house), and playing with fire – sometimes even at the same time. Will almost always be found with a smile on her face, even more so when outdoors, catching up with friends, or playing board games.
Ideal resident
We're looking for someone who:
- wants to contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere
- proactively participates in communal living, helps us improve our apartment, and is interested in engaging in the wider CW community.
- encourages their housemates at home and in life, and takes initiative to care for our house and each other.
- is respectful of other opinions, needs and preferences.
- Preferably speaks Dutch or is open to learn it/made a start learning it . We both speak English (and other languages) with much pleasure, also in the house, but we have noticed that within the wider community of CW Het Punt there are many that struggle with English and we find important to promote interaction with the community.
- has a relatively clear idea of their plans and ambitions for the near future and is looking for a place to stay longer than just a few months or a year.
- Does not have a furry pet...we love animals but unfortunately we got an allergy issue.... naked cats, spiders, iguanas and allergy-free races are more than welcome ;)

Contact information
Is this something for you?
Introduce yourself by email (by text, pictures or whatever works for you).
Send your mail to txdaalderop@gmail.com

...Looking forward to your reactions!...

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April 13, 2021, 9 a.m.
July 12, 2021, 9 a.m.
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