The Conscious Heart Community Home - looking for co-creators/residents
For rent or for sale
for rent
Location indication
We are still looking for a suitable place, but we are oriented to preferably find a place somewhere between Amersfoort & Zeist.

Looking for a detached house/villa/farm house with a plot of land in or near the forrest. First to rent, possibly in future to buy with the community members.
Indication number of residents
Indication group composition
We are looking for 2 to 4 people with the Hearts Desire to co-create this co-living project.

We would like a mixture of different ages and genders.

To start with, preferably couples or singles with either no children or children that live (partly) with another parent, like my daughter (she is 15 yo). This can change the more we grow a stable community and have bigger spaces.

To give an indication of age: somewhere between 20 and 55.

Know that if you fall outside of this age group or preferred kind of residents, yet feel called to join us, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway.
The Conscious Heart Community Home
Where people come Home in their Hearts and feel inspired & empowered to be guided by their Hearts Desires

Our Hearts Desire
We would love to create a Community Home and a Center for Inspiration & Co-Creation.
Because we have the desire to live in a reality where humanity prioritises their focus of being and creating a life based on love & joy. Meaning that our focus in life at all times is to learn how to become that change we wish to see in the world. And we believe this involves a constant conscious practicing of embodying our true selves, our true nature as human beings.

We believe that this process can become almost effortless and joyful when a conscious & heart centred group of people come together and focus their consciousness for the majority of their time on learning how to live in balance and harmony with nature, while we learn about our true nature as social emotional intelligent & loving beings and co-create an environment that is safe, comfortable and inspiring to live in, an environment in which we can all thrive.

So, in essence, we believe that this life is all about us as humanity learning what it means to be a human being fully embodied in the frequencies of compassion, love, joy & beyond. Our shadows, pain & suffering of not having learned how to access to that full human potential fully acknowledged, owned, integrated & healed.

Our Why:
As we, Casper & Monique, both moved through life and especially since we met in april 2016 at a Heart Circle doing what it is we both love doing most, connecting & co-creating with Heart Intelligent human beings, we have both come to realise we had a lot of inner healing to do.
And we were lucky enough to have started our relationship with the work of Heart IQ at a live 5 day retreat called “Insights to Intimacy”. It gave us not only a head start in our process of inner healing work, while in an intimate relationship, but we firmly believe that if we did not have these tools we learned there, our relationship would not have survived the sometimes devastating relationship dynamics we went through in those 5 years. So now we learned so much about what it takes for each of us to embody this love & compassion for ourselves and with each other, no matter what the circumstances and (inner) conflicts we come across, we want to put this into practice in a slightly larger community. So that is why we are looking for an extended Heart Intelligent family to explore new ways of being and creating with.

Who do we want to co-create this with?
We are looking for people to share a co-living space with, who consciously prioritise their own continuous practice of this embodiment of love & joy.
This for us means that above all that life tends to distract us with, doing the inner work to be that more loving and joyous being while being witnessed and supported in this process by the others. Understanding that we not only do this for our own healing, but especially when a group of individuals come together and focus their lives on this, we, together with so many other groups of people now, create a field of love & healing for all of humanity.
So basically, we choose to be the pioneers. Because what we see is that there is a big movement happing on a large scale. Beyond the game of division, manipulation and control, on all levels of society, groups of people are starting to unite. People are connecting & collaborating with others with the same vision and focus in life, all with the desire to be be the change they wish to see in the world.

About Monique
I’m 48 years old, mum of a teenage daughter, embodiment coach and an explorer of truth & embodied consciousness.
I remember as a child that I did not understand the world I was born in. I felt not at home, foreign, because surely, people could not truly believe that their lives were meant to be this painful and disconnected? It took me at leas 30 years of my life and a lot of trauma therapy, mind-body work & spiritual healing work, to realise that whatever humanity is going through at this moment in space time, that all of it is exactly as it needs to be, for us to come home, truly Home in our Hearts and as a collective evolve into what spiritual teachers refer to as ‘the Golden age’. I now know and feel this to be true in every fibre of my being, because I went through hell and back on a lot of multidimensional levels.
I’ve come to know myself as consciousness creating a human being experience. And I know my Hearts Desires, my body & my emotions to be my guide on this journey called life.
My focus in life therefore is on remembering who I am and doing everything I can to embody that. By guiding my body & mind to attune to the infinite opportunities that are available in this quantum universe we have chosen to be a part of here on planet earth & assisting others on that same (inner) explorative journey.
And so in my work as an embodiment coach, I guide people into reconnecting to the truth of who they really are as human beings & help them to fully integrate and heal all that does not serve them any longer on their own journey of allowing themselves to be a fully embodied loving & joyful human being.

About Casper
.... (follows...)

Intentional Community
It is our intention to do this co-living experiment only with those who believe that their own healing process is what serves humanity the most.
We have the intention to, once we have established a harmonious, fully functional community living household, open up the space for others to come and live with us and learn what it takes to be a fully embodied free & joyful human being co-living & creating with others. So in that sense you could say we are creating a community incubator or community living school, which means, you need to be willing to be vulnerable, always stay open to expand and relax into opening up, sharing & realigning your inner world with the outer world.

I, Monique, have already created an online intentional community for my coaching clients. And I typically only invite people to join that space if they resonate with my embodiment work as a coach and want to learn about some of the tools and practices I use that help me be that change I wish to see in the world.

And as this online community is slowly growing, I feel more and more drawn to co-create a physical intentional community as well, as an extension and a more real life experience of the work we do together online.

So it is my intention to document our process of co-creating this space online.
For instance, we could make a blog or create a podcast or a youtube-channel, whatever feels right for the whole community.

The objective for this is to inspire others to see that there is an alternative way of living in this inverse reality they are part of right now. So that others can find us and learn from us even if they do not have the opportunity to come and live or co-create with us in our community home.

Why we want this?
Because we believe that humanity is at a point in human history where everybody alive now is making a choice: ‘Do I keep serving the system, or will I exit that system of control, manipulation & division?’
And when they courageously do choose to exit, the questions that always come up are:
‘How? What? And where to begin?’

So co-creating a conscious community home like this, is our way to explore the new opportunities that are there for us.

Our core community structures:
1. Model for the Well Being/Emotional Hygiene of our community members:
• Heart IQ (by Christian Pankhurst)
Owning our relationship to the reality we perceive & reconnecting to this in a safe and welcoming environment, causing us to experience more joy & freedom in our mind & body.

2. Decision making model:
• Sociocracy
Based on consent, trust, equality & self-leadership.

3. Prioritising model:
• Matrix of importance vs urgency (by Steven Covey)
Understanding the difference between importance & urgence, so that our work (personal, communal & professional) becomes smarter & more efficient (instead of piling up and draining).

All of these models we have studied and experienced (at least) elements of. And in our opinion they are the core ingredients for our community to create clarity, safety & cohesion.

Trusting the process
The desire for this community has lived in our hearts for quite some time now.
It all started with writing down our vision and allowing ourselves to grown into the maturity of being the people we needed to be to be able to initiate and co-create a community like this.
So in 2018 we tried several ways to get this to become manifest in our reality. We did not manage to attract all the means and co-creative beings to us yet, but as with everything in life, as time goes on and life takes us down different paths and roads, clarity and little pieces of this big puzzle are starting to fall into place more and more. We both have been part of several community living projects to gain some hands on experience and nervous system capacity.
Our most recent adventure ends on the 17th of June and from that date onwards, we don’t know yet where life takes us. But we deeply trust this process and we know it is inevitable, that this physical Community Home will happen, in divine right order and timing.

Website is in the making....
June/Juli/August 2021
1. Find a house to rent
2. Screenings & intakes new residents/co-creators
3. Move in
Contact information
Do you feel called to collaborate with us?
Then we would love to invite you to send us an email and tell us a bit about yourself, your vision and your motivation to contact us specifically.

You can send that mail to:

If we feel we could be a match, we will be able to send you some more in depth details about our vision and plans for this home.

And then, if we mutually feel this YES! we will schedule a Zoom call to get to know each other a bit more and see where all of this takes us….
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June 7, 2021, 4:38 p.m.
Sept. 5, 2021, 4:38 p.m.
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