Benedictus Labrehuis, kitchen: Doorloop, is on the lookout:)
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Benedictus Labrehuis
For rent or for sale
for rent
Rent or purchase amount
Description price
Our roomprices differ from 320 upto 550. Depending on the size. 12m2 upto 60m2. Incl service costs.
Available from
City centre Utrecht. Plompetorengracht. End of voorstraat to the left.
Common space(s)
Big commen space. Big garden. 6 kitchens. A balcony. Logeerkamer.
Private spaces(s)
Your own room, starting between 12m2 to 20m2. Going upto 60m2. When moving through.
Description coliving group
Hey you..

We write in English because 1/3 of our members is speaking English next to their mother tongue. We are a dutch speaking kitchen. But want to be open to any background. Feel free to write in dutch

You might have seen another opening for the Labrehouse. Thats right, we are a big community with 6 smaller groups (created out of the 6 kitchens) in it with each their own identity. We are the Doorloop kitchen and have an opening from December 1st.

We are quite a new group because of some moving around. And the key words of us are: sensitive save space, open-minded, dare to be vulnerable, laughing, creative, open-minded.

A few things about our whole community:

As we are a woongroep, a willingness to contribute to our community is needed. If this sounds daunting, don't be put off, please feel free to ask us any questions🙂

We take care of common spaces and organise the way we live together. There are no obligations such as cooking or having dinner together, but we like it happens in a more spontaneous way. The great plusses from living together. Always somebody around, but also free to have ur own space.

We are a group of around forty people (including children) with different ages, backgrounds and views on life.

If this whole text makes you wanna know more. Leave us a message. So you can maybe become our number 6 kitchen member.

Deadline for applying is September 22th. (If you're reading this after, and feel the need, try. We might.. Still be looking)

Preferably a video of you. Or a text with some photos. To: Doorlopernumber6@outlook.com
Current composition
Our kitchen has 5 members:
She: A dance background, nomad, who works for non profit organisations focussed on reinventing tourism and nature. Great salad maker.
She: A caring sweet humanistic student who loves the depths of life and what moves people. Flowers up the kitchen, a great cook and yoga lover.
Them/he: A writer and caregiver who also likes to photograph and who is very good in opening its heart and vulnerable side that makes you feel safe to do the same.
He: a down to earth and sensitive soul that works in IT plus has a wide interest in the world and his inhabitants. Loves a good podcast and a nice green long bikeride.
He/them; a creative spirit working I health care with people with dementia and children. Very good in connecting, making our kitchen a happy place. Love to be alone as much as being together ❤
Ideal resident
We just started our search and we are very open to getting to know many kinds of people. But to narrow it down. 1 preference (no must) would be to open our place for somebody from another cultural background (or refugee) that is very much in need of a house (so if you have any tips, knowledge, know someone, let us know).

Don't be put of by this. But we want to open our search aswell to people in need. A good connection in our group is most important, coz we will live together, share space.

Another preference came up is described in the following words: grounded, free spirit, spiritual, take a lead when needed. 30+ is a plus

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Sept. 9, 2021, 1:46 p.m.
Dec. 8, 2021, 1:46 p.m.
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