Share house in Lombok (Utrecht) is looking for a new QUEER flat mate
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for rent
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Including gas, electricity and internet
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The house is in the neighbourhood Lombok in Utrecht. It's at the Kanaalstraat near the church, about 8 minutes walk to the central train station. Within a minute you'll reach many little grocery shops and cafés.
Common space(s)
We share the kitchen, bathroom, storage space and a large balcony
Private spaces(s)
The room is 11,5m2 with a built in closet and sink
Description coliving group
We are looking for two roommates after which we will be living with 5 people again.
We all have our own lives but like to hang out with each-other. We don't typically eat diner together every evening, however it's always a good idea to knock on someones door or send a message if someone would like to join:)

Unfortunately our kitchen isn't big enough for hanging out there, however you typicaly can find a place in one of the bigger rooms.
Current composition
It’s a house with 5 people of whom 2 are leaving. That leaves L., E. and me.
L. (they/them) is a linguist researching the use of inclusive language in French, bakes many vegan cakes for everyone to enjoy and loves fairy lights. They currently is spending the holidays with their family in Austria.
E. (she/her) is our newest asset and only recently moved in. She works in a restaurant, loves books and being out-doors. Do to the lock-down she is currently residing in Ireland with her family.
I (she/her/they/them) work for a ngo for urban water management, love to garden in my allotment (to which everyone is welcome btw) and eating vegan baked goodies (we’re quite the team).

We share our conviction of the importance of social justice, radical inclusion and taking care of our environment and nature and also try to live by that.
Ideal resident
We are looking for a social, free spirited and open minded person. Furthermore we're looking for someone who is;
- Queer (as in you being a gender bender, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, trans, non-cis, or one of the other beautifull ways you can break the gender binary)
- Vegetarian (preferably vegan)
- 24-40 years old
- An international
- Willing to contribute to this living group
Please only respond if this is you and specify in your responds how these apply to you.
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Jan. 8, 2022, 2:57 p.m.
April 8, 2022, 2:57 p.m.
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