Beautiful and Magical Hideaway
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for rent
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You pay rent to the housing company Jutphaas Wonen and then roughly 105 euros to the house account for utilities and house costs.
Available from
Most things are within walking distance such as the tram and bus stops but also the Health Centre and the Pharmacy. The house is close City Plaza which is the city center of Nieuwegein, within 20min walking distances. There are parks nearby and the supermarket is right around the corner. There is gas station and two gyms (the MIX and Basic-Fit) that are within 15min walking distance.
Common space(s)
Those are the kitchen, dinning room, living room, bathrooms and attic. A bike shed is shared by the neighbors with ample enough room to store a scooter. A front and back garden/yard for the house with an open space to have picnics and campfires at the back.
Private spaces(s)
A large room with lots of sunlight (2 windows) and storage space in the attic. Dimensions will come later.
Description coliving group
At this moment, we are open for discussions.
Current composition
Currently, the house is international. English is mostly spoken but also Dutch. Age ranges from 57 till 25 and there is a mix between workers and students. Some of us are vegetarian, vegans and meat lovers. Child free, smoke free and pets free zone.
Ideal resident
Searching for someone who is communicative, compassionate and caring. They should have the ability to have understanding and bring something to the table. They have to be sociable and approachable as well as independent and can take initiative. Flexibility and adaptability is a pre as the house can change from being quiet as a mouse to having a lively atmosphere. In short, be yourself and be open for new connections or experiences!
Contact information
Sounds interesting? Please, contact Sharmica for more information 0629338533.
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May 22, 2023, 2:16 p.m.
Aug. 20, 2023, 2:16 p.m.
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Woongroep Duinzigt
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