Toekomst boeren zoeken woongroep in Amsterdam
Ideal location
Ergens in Amsterdam! Het liefst binnen een afstand van 45min of minder met de fiets naar Tuin van West/Halfweg. Natuur (tuin) is een super bonus.
Ideal space
So, Ik ben aan het leren nederlands! Tijd voor engels ;) We are searching for a room big enough for two people, and don't mind a little bit of renovation. If you have some furniture for us, all the better but again that is easily solved. We love to cook and bake, so a kitchen with an oven would be amazing! If the space can be warm and dry during the winter with the wc/bathroom not too far away that would be great - we have been living in caravans all year and would prefer something warmer for the winter! A balcony or outside space is a bonus - we can green it up for you.
Ideal group
We are aware of the work community living requires and are happy to pull our weight. We can commit to community meetings and like to share the workload amongst everybody, so no one person feels like they always get stuck with cleaning etc. We love to help in your garden, and prefer non-smoking spaces, though outside smoking is ok. We would love to live in a community with plenty of communication and compromise, where coming together and cooking and eating together is possible but there is also space and support for alone time if needed.
Describe yourself
My wife Ilse (29) and I (35) are an aussie/dutchie couple recently arrived in NL (March this year). We are toekomst boeren, that is regenerative, sustainable farmers passionate about changing our food system, both the way we grow food and bought, sold, eaten, wasted (or not!) etc. We are moving to Amsterdam as we have an awesome opportunity for an internship with the Fruit tuin van West, starting in October. For the last three years we have travelling and wwoofing our way around Europe, working on organic farms. We love food, growing it, cooking it, sharing it, and all things agroecology. We love being outside, gardening, hiking, drinking special beers, sour dough bread baking, connecting with new people and bike riding. We have tourbikes and these are now our main mode of travel! We have lived in communities on our travels and love living this way and hope to continue it.
Contact information
Als je meer wilt weten over ons je kan een email sturen naar bettridge_gero@yahoo.com.au, of via woongroep
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Sept. 19, 2020, 12:46 p.m.
Dec. 18, 2020, 12:46 p.m.
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