Awesome person with a lot of flaws but endless interest to learn looking for a nice community in/around Utrecht too live together in perfect harmony.
Ideal location
I'm looking for a place in Utrecht city ore the centre. But if i have too bike 30 minutes from a green and peaceful environment too reach the city centre that would not be a problem.
Ideal space
For me one room where i can sleep and be at peace is enough. Anything more is always welcome but I'm not specifically looking for anything, just a room with some nature, peaceful people and good energy would be enough.
Ideal group
I am a person who goes well with people who are aware of themselves. Aware of their body, mind and soul. A group of beings that know that everything that is happening in there own life's is there own responsibility. Besides this I'm a team player, if there are obligations in the house i will do my part and give it that little bit of extra effort so that everyone benefits from it.
Describe yourself
I am a person who is always busy with my own development. I'm a searcher looking for different things in (my) life. Most of it has too do with my body, mind and soul. I'm training myself with yoga, meditation, mudras and mantras. I have a steady job working three days and besides work I'm educating myself as a coach. My field of interest is that of reaching non - ordinary states of consciousness. Besides the fact that i consider myself a psychonaut, I am also researching different methods of reaching non- ordinary states of consciousness without psychedelics. I belief that we can reach certain levels of consciousness without the help of psychedelics. This is my aim, this is my goal. I consider myself too be an easy and open-minded being. I like too learn new things and I'm very flexible. I am a bit of a wanderer, I don't mind being with people but i also know when i need time for myself. I can be quite direct and sometimes this can come across as cold. I have a lot of empathy but im also very good at hiding this from the outside world, I only share this with people who I feel are altruistic, loving and aware. Sometimes the clown inside me will awaken and then it's party time. This clown just does things that doesn't make sense in the eyes of the outside world. But it's a playful side of me that wants too have fun, play games, make people laugh with pranks ore out of the ordinary things that breaks routines within life. My glass is always half full except when it rains, then the glass floods 😁. Also I'm Dutch with a little Indonesian in me. If you like too know more then please invite me for a cup of some sort of liquide 😁🌬️✌️🙏🏽🦔
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Tommy Huliselan 0623951997
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Oct. 12, 2020, 9:56 a.m.
Jan. 10, 2021, 9:56 a.m.
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