Searching for a Community Living <3
Ideal location
Amsterdam and surrounding neighbourhoods.
Ideal space
A place with common areas to meet each other, to share spaces, tools, experiences and to be creative together. Could be just a communal living, but also art residencies would be interesting for me :).
Ideal group
People who enjoy cooking together, playing games in the evening with a glass of wine, organize activities and events together, love creativity for example music making + building things + painting, celebrating small things in life, see community living as family
Describe yourself
Living in a community for me is: inspiration, joy, growth, resistance, sustainability, creativity, love, family, home. I was living in a self-organized student community for almost four years. Therefore, I know how it is to live with people, what challenges could come up and which opportunities it brings. But community isn‘t just something I want to integrate in my living life. Community is in general a very important part of me. I was part of the rehab republic community in Munich, Germany and am now building up a community around the Faire Cabane, a treehouse in the Eikenburg forest in Eindhoven.
Besides my passion for communities I am working as a freelance creative since September 2021. I am mainly working in the field of film and fashion. I am also studying Social Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven on the side and would like to work on more projects related to this field in the future. For finishing my studies I just have to participate in the last trimester which I decided to do at the end of this school year from April until June to have some time to build up a home in Amsterdam, my favorite city in the Netherlands, and a working environment for after graduation.
I am also a curious being, an adventurer, an activist, a good listener, a music lover, a singer, a dancer. I love playing games, having drinks, experimenting, being in nature and being creative with others. I am always searching for beautiful places, people and stories to learn and grow with. Therefore, a living community would be the best place for me to find a lovely home, bring in my skills as a social designer, work on projects with others and integrate my creativity in daily live activities.
Contact information
+49 178 823 92 78
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Oct. 21, 2021, 1:32 p.m.
Jan. 19, 2022, 1:32 p.m.
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Laura Papke
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