Vriendelijke nerd uit de buurt zoekt een kamertje!
Ideal location
Nijmegen centrum of dicht bij het Radboud Universiteit
Ideal space
Ok, Now I start to use my even better developed skills in English; my Dutch is still in progress!
I am looking for any kind of shared flat with
-at least ~15 qm for my own private room.
-A well stuffed kitchen (cooker + oven, dish washer would be a dream!!, big fridge and a freezer, tupperware, coffe machine, cake tins & equipt, hand mixer)
- Healthy enough to walk up to any kind of floor dayli
Ideal group
It would be nice if I could enter a shared flat with a maximum of 3 other roommates, and thats it. I do not care about any other conditions about you; I am happy with any kind of pet within the group (and also not afraid of any exotic pet either!), I love kids and being surroundd by them.
Describe yourself
Well, here some hard facts about me:
-27 years old
-PhD student (fulltime Researcher with a good salary!) at the Animal Ecology & Physiology Department of the Radboud University
- as title indicates it; Nerd at heart! Science (of course!), Books(love dystopian novels & Lovecraft), World of Warcraft (active playtime is over, don't worry!), LOTR, Pokemon (old games mostly), Pen & Paper(something like D'nD), Gaming (Xbox one, PC, N64 and happy to share!)
-Passionate Cooker (or eater, lol) and happy to share that skill,too.

I would describe myself as gregarious but also with the need of private space from time to time. I am very talkactive and honest. I used to live in a lot of different housing groups with different kind of people from many different cultures and learned how to cope with all kind of characters! I am (sometimes a way too..) polite, love to help others and tell straight away when something mocks me.

Bad character traits:
-very impatient and quickly pissed off when hungry
-workaholic, I might be picked up from my work into the real world again
Contact information
@PizzaGrizzly on Telegram
Placed at
Nov. 18, 2021, 5:59 p.m.
Feb. 16, 2022, 5:59 p.m.
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