Looking for a cozy place to live in community
Ideal location
I love old buildings... colourful old buildings not too far away from some nature
Ideal space
I don't mind at all if the building isn't perfect. I am really open to also put some work in the place were I live.
I need aproximatly 20 m2 so next to my bed I can also have a little working area.
If there is a shared workshop in the house were I can work, I am fine with less space.
Ideal group
In my dreams I am living in a group of 6 to 10 people. In the flat there are also some animals, don't care witch ones, I love them all, especially if they do have fur or feathers.

My flatmates are of mixed ages, jobs and countries. But all share the love of living together in a respectfull and peacefull way. Taking care of common spaces is something everyone likes to do, as well as starting some crazy common actions like opening a bar in the kitchen douring lock down for you and your roomies, just to keep a feeling of normality, and because it is fun.
On the other hand every one in the flat has their own life, and nobody is sitting at home -bored of their life- whaitig for some flatmates to come home and entertain them.
Describe yourself
My name is Mariama, 31 years old.
I am courrently living in Germany were I studied costume design and performing arts. In April I will start my new job in Amsterdam in the art industry and am therefore looking for a nice place to live and feel home.

I am living in shared apartments since a lot of years and I really love the fact of living together with many different people.
I like to share experiences, sories or just a bottle of vine with flatmates. Taking care of a common flat and ideally also of some outdoor areas.

I am a pretty active person. I like to juggle, read, walk through the city for houers. Baking bread, laugh and dancing al night long.
When I am nervous or pissed I knight a lot of blankets and scarfs and in my free time I love to go to the sauna.

By the way, no worries, I am learning dutch, I just still find it super hard to write witch is why I am writing in english.
Contact information

0049 1573 315 24 46
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Jan. 13, 2022, 6:11 p.m.
April 13, 2022, 6:11 p.m.
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