Human rights trainer and clown looks for a new home
Ideal location
I work mainly in Delfshaven, any place that is reachable by bike, if it takes a while is okay for me. Another alternative would be closer to Amsterdam, where i have my office in OT301 and go a few days each week.
More important than the exact location is to belong to a nice collective that I share the same values and I can feel at home.
Ideal space
I do like to do things together, but I also need my own space to recharge batteries. Ideally I would have like a small studio and then make use of the collective areas and organise things together. But in the end I am flexible and have a good sense of adaptation :)
Ideal group
I would like to join a group that believes in human rights for all, is diverse and stands in solidarity every time we are faced with social injustices. That is the main point for me.
Extra points would be for collectives that try to be environmentally friendly.
About eating or doing things together, sure it is great, but not every single day. For my wellbeing, having time for myself and have freedom to organise my agenda is important to me.
I do not smoke, and i do not want smoke in my room, but for the rest I am flexible. Have no pets, but love them, so if there is a pet as a resident that will make me super happy, and I am willing to contribute with expenses and cleaning as well :)
Describe yourself
I am Andreia Bessa, Portuguese, living in the Netherlands for around 10 years, 41 years old.
Came to the Netherlands to do a second masters in Social Policy (first one is in psychology), have made some good connections, stayed around, created my own Stichting - CAAT Projects (mainly human rights education and participatory arts) and still in the country now. Moreover, I belong to the collective Stichting Formaat, in Rotterdam, and I also help with Stichting Home of Participation (development of creative local based methodologies). In addition, I do a lot of volunteer work, and my favourite is with the Flying Seagulls, from UK, where we do circus in refugee's camps in Greece.
For me is really important to be an active citizen, that advocates for human rights for all, and keep on supporting community based grass-roots initiatives. I want to find alternative forms for organising and do things that do not only fit a majority, but that includes us all.
For that reason I choose professionally to work only with small initiatives and most of my work is done at a volunteer basis. Economically speaking it might not be the best idea, but to have the freedom to work with such diverse teams, keep on learning and decide on the projects I think are relevant for society instead of serving an agenda that I do not believe in are much more important.
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Feb. 28, 2022, 11:10 a.m.
Oct. 26, 2022, 11:25 a.m.
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Andreia Bessa
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