30-jarige kunstenaar zoekt gezellige gemeenschappelijke woonruimte in Amsterdam
Amsterdam en omstreken
Ideal location
I am in search for a new home in a cute neighbourhood near the centre, or something quiet and green a bit outside the city.
Ideal space
I would like to find a place with shared spaces such as kitchen and/or living room and a personal space for some privacy. The size of the private room is not of importance for me. I also don't mind the type of house or flat and on which level it is located. If the house has to be managed and maintained by the community / the residents, I am happy to participate and support such activities with pleasure.
Ideal group
I am looking for a diverse group of people who enjoy living together, have a sharing mentality, and are open to do things together outside the home environment. I wish to find people who are honest with each other and are able to communicate their boundaries. I imagine a calm atmosphere, cheerful evenings and lovely moments from living together.
Describe yourself
My name is Laura, I am 30 years young, German with Dutch roots, and I am a designer and artist exploring the intersections of mental health, ecology and culture through technological and ritualistic interventions. I enjoy making music, reading books, organizing trips to the mountains, and experimenting in the kitchen by inventing new, mainly vegan recipes. I love to dance, sew my own clothes and visit art exhibitions. I also love learning new things, so learning Dutch is next on my list. Before coming to the Netherlands, I lived in a self-organized community for four and a half years and volunteered for various organizations in the social and sustainable sector. I really miss this lifestyle, which is why I am now looking for a new, beautiful home where I can become part of a community and contribute my creativity in a meaningful way.
Contact information
Do you want to get to know me? Please drop me a line via e-mail: papke.laura@gmail.com or Instagram @laurapapke. I am happy to pass by, meet you for a coffee, or to have a chat online.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Love, Laura

P.S.: I will remove this post in case I have found something, so if you stumble over it, this post is still on :).

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Nov. 6, 2022, 1:42 p.m.
Feb. 4, 2023, 1:42 p.m.
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Laura Papke
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