Looking for someone to rent with
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht
Ideal location
Amsterdam - West, Pijp, Center, noord (really not picky)
Ideal space
Shared apartment with shared kitchen, lounge, separate rooms
Ideal group
Looking for someone who I can share the rent for apartment with. It is cheaper to find a place for more people, so if someone is interested in sharing and looking for a place together please respond to this.
Describe yourself
I am Sundas, a 32 year old (but wise beyond my years 😉) architect and urbanist and a doer of all sorts of projects/ professional activities that resonate with my values of doing good for the world. I have recently gotten a job at IDH, in Utrecht that works on sustainable supply chains. I am originally from Pakistan, but consider myself a being who belongs to the whole world. I am a self-made, and independent woman, who has worked very hard to be carve out a space for herself in the Netherlands.
I have lived in Amsterdam a total of 9 months and am looking for a nice place with nice flat mates with whom I can share nice meals, a meaningful lifestyle and interesting dialogue. As a part of my masters I have lived in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid and am looking to make Netherlands my home now and put down some roots. I have lived over the years with friends and flat mates, I lived in a collective in Copenhagen, which was one of the best times because of my living conditions given sharing my time with very close friends.
I play tennis, cycle, do yoga and have recently also gotten into climbing. Open to all sorts of sports and challenging my body in new ways. Love, love being in the nature. Mountains, desert, or the sea, I am happiest when I am in natural vs. man-made habitats.
Do not mean to show off but I cook really well, food is also my love language. If you want to have some good wholesome Paksitani meals I am your person. My specialty is biryani, if you know, you know how good it can be. I am trying to become a vegetarian therefore cutting down on my meat consumption. I also really want to learn how to make kombucha, given its crazy benefits for the gut.
I am respectful of other’s boundaries, like to live in clean spaces and expect others to also be respectful towards me and my space/ boundaries.
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March 12, 2023, 6:52 p.m.
June 10, 2023, 6:52 p.m.
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