Danish/Korean couple Martin & Yookyung
Ideal location
We are looking for a woongroep in or near Amsterdam, because of Martins work at the Rietveld Academy. Nature, or a garden is a big plus :)
Ideal space
Our ideal space would have either garden or balcony access, for out sweet cat Tamtam.
We are both handy and don't mind putting a good amount of care into our living space, to make it nice and liveable.
We are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, or large studio.
After more than a decade of moving from place to place, we are looking for a place to feel more grounded.
Ideal group
Our ideal group is diverse in or open toward, culture, age, nationality, sexuality and religion. We want to be part of a caring and responsible community, that we would be able to contribute to.
Describe yourself
We are Yookyung & Martin (Danish/Korean couple)

We met each other while studying at the Rietveld Academy, where we graduated in 2014. Since then we lived briefly in Denmark and Korea, before making the decision of returning to Amsterdam.
Yookyung spends a lot of time at home, working as a freelance translator, and Martin works as a concierge at the Rietveld Academy, while running a small business making electronic music gismos.
With us we have our small female cat, Tamtam who we rescued from Romania. She's very sweet and gentle.
In our free time, we like to spend our time together, going for walks, cooking/eating good food, and being around people we like. We are big cinema fans, and like many others like to spend the evening watching good movies. Yookyung has a big passion for literature and likes to read books. Martin is very creative and is often busy with different projects, from drawing and painting, to music and design.
We love nature, and used to spend a lot of time in a communal garden, in our previous neighbourhood. Now we long for the opportunity to get our hands dirty with some gardening again.
We have never lived in a woongroep, but have spend time in Broedplaats Lely, and in squatting community Green Tribe, and have shared studios and communal workspaces in the past.
We would love to get the chance to come and visit you and your group to see if we could be a good match!

Contact information
Please feel free to call or write us here:
0614817777, martinkp.mail@gmail.com
0612482002, yookyung.park1@gmail.com
Placed at
Sept. 17, 2023, 1 p.m.
Dec. 16, 2023, 1 p.m.
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martin kofoed pedersen
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